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Sleep Paralysis – What Exactly Is It?

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which one becomes unable to move the muscles of the body, and this is commonly referred to as sleep paralysis. This happens while one is asleep and the person is unable to move his/her body even though they are not really asleep.

Sleep paralysis can be induced by stress, anxiety or by an illness like a heart attack. This condition usually only happens during the night and occurs at night. It is also known as OBE (out of body experience) in others.

Sleep paralysis is a condition that needs to be treated medically.

Only doctors and paramedics can diagnose the exact cause of the paralysis. However, the cause of sleep paralysis can be some combination of insomnia, a stroke, high fever, coronary artery disease, hypertension, lung disease, pneumonia and epilepsy. Some drugs can also cause it.

Sleep paralysis is a nightmare for most people. They do not know what actually is happening, so they tend to stay in bed, eat or do something else, and wonder what they will do when they wake up the next morning.

Sleep paralysis normally occurs during the night time. It is commonly experienced during the first few minutes of the night. The feeling of being paralyzed, immobile and unaware of your surroundings is very frightening.

However, the feeling of having the feeling of being paralyzed during the night may not be the same as when you are dreaming. If you were asleep and suddenly felt paralyzed in your sleep, it may be the same as when you have had a dream.

In general, if you can talk, you may feel paralyzed, but it is not possible to put all the pieces together. You should be aware that you can certainly be in a trance or other form of altered consciousness and therefore cannot recognize yourself. Therefore, you should not get scared.

Sleep paralysis often starts when a person is lying down. If he or she is fast asleep, the feeling will be similar to being held in a stupor. If a person has been sleep-deprived, the experience may be different.

People who are able to maintain their awareness during the sleep will find it easier to recognize what is happening during sleep paralysis.

People who have epilepsy and people who have recently had a serious brain or spinal injuries may also experience this. In such a case, it will seem as if someone is holding you against your will.

When a person sleeps, the body goes through a physical change. It becomes loose and lethargic, has bad dreams and is generally more exhausted.

The sensation of being physically immobile and vulnerable while a person sleeps is therefore very scary. However, it is not possible to make a full physical analysis about the person who experiences sleep paralysis. Therefore, a psychiatric evaluation is done.

People who fall asleep while asleep without any reason, or people who are awakened suddenly due to the memory of the experiences while sleeping can also suffer from sleep paralysis. Some symptoms include blurred vision, dry mouth, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, tingling sensation in the arms and limbs, and feelings of numbness in the body. In such a case, one should be seen by a doctor immediately.